Zoning & Planning

The Village of Lake Ann is a master planned and zoned community, governed by a rolling 5 year master plan and zoning ordinance.  Zoning and Planning issues are overseen by the Village of Lake Ann Planning Commission that meets every other month.  Recommendations are forwarded to the Village Council for final determination.  The Zoning Board of Appeals meets as needed whenever an application is presented.  Day to day administration of the zoning ordinance including land use permits is handled by the Zoning Administrator.

Land use in the Village of Lake Ann falls into two broad zones, Residential and Commercial.  Uses of the land that conform to the requirements of the Zoning ordinance and its respective zone do not require approval by the Planning Commission, Village Council or Zoning Board of Appeals.  Uses that do not conform or are unlisted in the ordinance must go though the Special Use permit process.  In all cases an application fee applies according to a fee schedule determined by the Village Trustees.

Site plans for new developments or buildings must be approved by the Planning Commission and Village Council prior to development.

Land owners in the Village of Lake Ann may apply to have land rezoned according to the Zoning ordinance.  This process begins at the Planning Commission level after the appropriate paperwork has been submitted and fee paid to the Village of Lake Ann.

The Zoning Board of Appeals reviews and decides on variances from the Zoning ordinance after denial of the applicants original proposal and application/payment of the appropriate fee.

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