President Jim Sturmer’s letter to the Village of Lake Ann regarding our response to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent stay-at-home Executive Order from Governor Whitmer. Click the link below to view the letter in PDF form. The text has also been copied below for your convenience.

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March 24, 2020

Dear Village residents,

As we adjust to the challenges of Covid-19 to our current individual routines, it is important that we also remember to support the local businesses that continue to remain open, providing essential goods and services under unique circumstances.

Compliance with Governor Whitmers stay at home executive order does not mean sequestration from all outside activity, however it does limit interaction with others in our community. It also does not authorize finger pointing, segmenting or fractionalizing towards others doing what they consider essential activities for their household. We are all in this together, not by choice, but by association.

Having said that, we need to confront and address even more radically the spirit of fear, scarcity and social alienation promoted by a majority in the media. It starts at the very grass roots of this nation, a nation built, not on fear, but upon embracing the challenge of adaption in addition to recognizing the good going on all around.

The greatest resource of this community and subsequently that of the nation, is not the amount of money or goods and services it produces, it lies in the creative conscious capacity of each individual to develop solutions that broaden our horizons.

Be safe and persevere, “this too shall pass”.

[Signature of President Sturmer on PDF form]

Jim Sturmer,

Village President

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